November 28, 2023

One of our Inner Circle member’s Susan Payton from The Business of Stories (big up!) shared a video just after New Year, which I loved and have recently gone back too.

It was by a normal guy who achieved extraordinary things by taking one step at a time.

He decoded how to create great art, win Wimbledon and break world records simply by taking a step at a time and keep on stepping.

I like the video, it’s a TED X and worth a look, here is the link:

The message is simple.

Break big tasks down into small steps.

For most growing a business quickly and systematically is a big task.


It’s a bloody monster of a task!

But, some of us crazy one’s have attacked this monster.

…and the first step to winning at this game is to nail lead generation.

Because if you have no leads you have no business.

So, to reliably know you have nailed that first step, you must develop a systematic approach to lead generation.

Sounds obvious, but why do we all not make time for it?

The alternative is we sit and hope that someone else will refer us – leaving our growth in other’s hands (who don’t even work for you!).

Well, to help get you to that biz growth promised land, I have created the LEADGEN™ Inner Circle of entrepreneurs who have the ability and ambition to seriously scale this year.

It’s invite only, London based and limited to only 8 people.

The goal is to spend 12 months smashing out lead generation funnels and pushing prospects into sales conversion meetings, where we all seriously perfect our close rate.

‘Scale through Sales’ is the inner circle’s mantra.

I also important to be transparent.

My mission is to guide you to £30k per month into your personal bank account; and within 5 years I want to help you exit your business for over £2 million (if you want to exit).

I do understand that isn’t for everyone.

…but I believe it could be right up your street?

I have a load of info, brochure, location, dates and prices ready to send to you, but only if you are interested.

If you are then simply email us ( [email protected] ) with…


I will then get all the info to you.

If not no worries

Lead generation is where business growth starts, so it must become your most important task each day.

Make it your habit.

Become a Lead Gen addict (like the rest of us!)

Richard Woods


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