November 28, 2023

Can I tell you a story?

Once upon a time, there was an adult.

This adult woke up checked their phone, got ready for the day, did what they must do to pay the bills, had dinner, watched TV, sat with their phone scrolling nonsense, went to sleep.

In between all that, they had some thoughts about not making enough money, working on the wrong type of work, not having enough fun.

Then they did it all again, almost exactly the same way the next day and the next and the next.

This adult lived their life on autopilot and for the most part they were okay with it.

Except when they remembered that they’re not making enough money – working on the wrong type of work – not having enough fun.

Here’s the crazy thing though, even though most people live their repetitive life on autopilot, it’s not always a bad thing.

The most successful people in the world live their lives on a form of autopilot as well.

This difference though is that successful people do it by choice.

They intentionally choose their environment and invest in opportunities that help them make continuous progress toward their goals.

Create scheduled time blocks and stick to them.

The same with professional athletes

In fact, all high performers attribute success to rhythm and consistency.

I know you are (or will be) on the high performers list. – you know you have to keep on giving the time for it.

Time for growth

Working on the right work

Making the right money

Developing good habits

Like the LEADGEN™ Habit

If you have not heard about the LEADGEN™ Inner Circle, then today is the day.

My mission is to guide you to £30k per month into your personal bank account; and within 5 years I want to help you exit your business for over £2 million (if you want to exit).

I do understand that isn’t for everyone.

…but I believe it could be right up your street?

I have a load of info, brochure, location, dates and prices ready to send to you, but only if you are interested.

If you are then simply email us at – [email protected]

I will then get all the info to you.

If not no worries

Richard Woods


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