BONUS – Conversion Optimisation Tactic

November 28, 2023

I was on Google this morning and received a pop up from one of my One2One Lead Gen Academy clients – Party Hard Travel.

They have implemented Web Push Notifications onto there website and the the image you see is the result. – The results they have received have been excellent and they are using it to promote their 2019 holiday launch video. –

So I thought I would share a quick BONUS – Conversion Optimisation Tactic to add to all the great tactics we discussed at the last Lead gen Academy.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web or Browser Push Notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on a subscriber’s browser. They can be accessed on all devices, including desktop, android mobile, tablets, etc. They are different from in-app notifications because they are sent by websites instead of mobile apps.

I recommend setting them up using a plugin such as this –

Why are they Useful?

Web Push Notifications work seamlessly because they are easy to install and set up. The best part is that subscribers can be anywhere on the browser and still receive these messages. As long as the subscribers are online or have their browsers running on their devices, the messages can reach them even when they aren’t on a particular website. The only caveat is that they should be online or have their browsers running on their devices.

Conservative estimates have pegged the click rate from Web Push Notifications at 4-8X times that of email. It is a strictly permission-based medium. Subscribers will receive notifications if and only if they have opted in. These characteristics make Web Push Notifications an extremely powerful channel for both communication and marketing.

Why Your Business Needs Push Notifications?

Instant Subscribers

Not Everyone is willing to share his or her personal information on subscription forms, and for this reason you can miss out on opportunities for outreach. With Push Notifications, you don’t have to rely on capturing lead information. Add subscribers with a single-click permission and engage them without asking them to reveal any personal data.

Returning Visitors

Increase your website’s returning traffic and re-engage past visitors with a simple push message. No more waiting for your subscribers to visit your website and navigate to your desired landing page. Send proactive clickable messages directing them back to your website from anywhere on their browser.

Better Outreach

Push Notifications are likely to perform better than SMS and email. People don’t have to read their SMS and emails can end up in a spam folder. This isn’t true for Push Notifications, which land directly on users’ desktops or mobile browsers, demanding attention.

No Mobile App Necessary

Web-based push notifications work in a similar way to in-app push notifications. Users receive push messages right on their mobile devices, displayed as a notification. All that’s required to receive these messages is a device connected to the internet.


With an easy WordPress plugin, you can quickly be up and running, so why not put that in your tactic tin for 2019! – enjoy


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