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  • “I tripled my investment” – Angela Durrant, The Visible Club.

“I tripled my investment” – Angela Durrant, The Visible Club.

April 18, 2024

If you’re a solopreneur aiming to transition from managing every aspect of your business to assuming the role of owner, supported by a dedicated team, allowing you to focus on your passions while maintaining profitability and avoiding burnout, then Angela Durrant’s story is a must-watch!

In this insightful success story, Angela Durrant, the founder of The Visible Club, a coaching program tailored for women aged 45-55, shares her remarkable journey. From her roots as a voice and speaker coach, she has evolved her business into a thriving group program centered on strategic visibility.

Angela delves into her transformative experience with the Million Dollar Sprint, illustrating how it propelled her business forward, enabling her to triple her investment in a remarkably short span of time.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/2ZP2BKI4YvQ  

Click the image to watch Angela’ story


Angela Durrant, Million Dollar Sprint Success Story

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