November 28, 2023

I want to demonstrate 6 ways that you can apply to your lead generation right now (even in this crisis) that will help you get more customers today or to get you the leads for new clients post crisis.

Let’s start by looking at an Ad from a local Accountant.

Ad: “Free Consultation and 20% off Tax Return – Atlas Chartered Certified Accountants offer an initial 1 hour FREE consultation, and a 20% discount on any standard personal Self-Assessment Tax Return – Click the link below”

Good ad?

NOPE! Honestly, I would give it a “C-“.

Most Ads like this consistently lose money because there’s no connection, it’s boring, salesy and over complicated (needle in eyes).

So, how do you make it better?

Well, you need to…

#1.  Be specific on who you’re targeting, 10.39 million Self-Assessment tax returns were completed in the UK last year – that’s a WAY to big an audience to target

#2.  Make it about your potential customer and not about “me, me, me”. (this is called don’t sound like an opera singer – me, me, me, meeeeeeee)

#3. Be helpful and solve a problem, instead of looking ‘salesey’ and trying to ask people to ‘buy my stuff’

#4. Be conversational, because sounding like a classified ad comes off insincere.

#5. Create curiosity, incentives, and urgency or else people will take their time.

#6. Demonstrate, because showing is always better than telling.

Okay, let’s see what the ad looks like with these changes…

Ad: “Calling all Tradesmen… would you like several ways to reduce TAX on your next personal Self-Assessment Tax Return?

In fact, would you want to sit down with and expert in Trade businesses and talk you through it in plain English, without obligation?

YES! – that’s an expert’s time totally FREE – when was the last time a Chartered Certified Accountants said that to you? – Click the link below to find out more”

Good ad?

(I hope you think so – cue reply emails with critiques – I know who you are!!!!)

The beauty of this ad is that we can save the 20% discount as the hook on the landing page when they click through.

This give you another benefit to hit them with to push them over the edge to convert into a hot lead for Atlas Accountants.

This quick A & B demonstration hardly scratches the surface of what it takes to master this process.

…but by having a community AND tried and tested material behind you – you will be well on your way.

So, your next step of discovery has to be towards The 30 Leads in 30 Days Challenge where ideas and tips like these flow faster than Niagara falls.

Richard Woods


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