Day 7- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today I have focused on The Boiler Company and coming to terms with how it works. I have been going through all the emails that were sent as reminders that it has been a year since the customer has had their boiler serviced. This means that it is due to be done, therefore it was my role today to get in contact with everyone to encourage them to book a service through us.

I spent a couple of hours this morning going through all the sources that are linked in with the boiler service, such as the email system and the different folders that certain emails go in to for example, email reminders come into a certain folder due to the email not being actioned.

You then use the details from the email such as, their address to find out the customers name and number who is the owner of the property.

If the customer does not answer, we will then leave a voicemail as well as send an email to inform them of their boiler is due to have a service. Once we have sent the email, we will then move the email into a sent folder to know we have taken action.

If they answer and are happy to book their boiler in for a service then that is great!. We would then move the reminder email to a ‘won’ folder.

When we receive the reminder email it  encourages to sell more to existing customers that have used our services previously so their already aware of what we offer.

I felt apprehensive about making the initial phone calls to customers regarding there boiler as it’s a different telephone conversation that I have had previously. I went through over 70 emails and got in contact with those who were overdue a service and safety inspection.

I managed to get two boiler services booked as well as a Landlord certificate and service. This was a big achievement for myself as it was the first time that I had done calls like that, as well as it being the first day i have focused on the boiler servicing 24-7 and putting what i had learnt at the start of the morning, in to action.

Hopefully as I continue making phone calls tomorrow, I will see better results.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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