Day 41 – Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Yesterday was a brilliant day and there was a lot of useful content.

Usually the day after one of our monthly workshops, I will solely focus on getting feedback from all of the attendees as well as a NPS.

Where as today I will be focusing on getting feedback from the attendees but my main focus will be ‘Boiler Service 24-7’. 

We are currently facing some problems which I will be dealing with today as well as following up the enquiries that I received yesterday and this morning.

I have been chasing up a lot of quotes which one of our engineers has not sent over to the customers yet. It is crucial that I get on top of this and not allow it to drag our customer service down due to organisational issues from one of our engineers.

I spent the first part of the morning arranging bookings and getting in contact with those that have various enquiries. 

Our Ninja Jake created a automation system on Active campaign before our last months workshop. He was able to link up Eventbrite to the CRM so those that I had signed in had then a tag on their profile to say that they attended the workshop. 

Those that had the tag then received an email which would then ask for feedback and how they felt about the event as well as allowing them to book in for a One-To-One with Richard.

I was unsure as to whether Jake had created the same automation for those that attended ‘The Summit’ yesterday. 

I tried getting in contact with him and waited for a response until I began getting feedback manually by getting in contact with them individually.

Jake did not inform me that he was not planning on sending out the email to all the attendees but Richard preferred that I focused more on ‘Boiler Servicing 2-7’ today.

We will be retrieving feedback but I am mainly going to be focusing on all the boiler stuff for today and the majority of next week as there is a lot of work needing to be done.

We have had people book in for services in areas that are a bit more further out then where our own engineers usually go to.

But we still take the jobs on and just means that I need to get in contact with Local Gas Safe engineers within that particular area to see what their trade rate would be as well as if they have the availability to take on the job. This way we still make profit from the job.

I have needed to find engineers for our work that is currently in the diary for next week. I have created a spreadsheet with the jobs, names and location of the job so it is clear who I will be allocating jobs too.

I have double checked both the invoices that our engineer has sent over as it is due to be paid Sunday as well as if all certificates have now been sent over after chasing the ones that were missing.

I have chased some payments that are outstanding from last month.

There has been a few jobs which I have needed to take from one Engineer and given to another who will complete the job quickly and efficiently.

There has been a few One-To-Ones that I have needed to arrange from yesterday’s Summit, both face-to-face and phone calls.

On Monday I will be continuing to close jobs and find engineers to complete it, Which means that I am going to need to do a lot of calling around to see what is the best price that I could get.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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