Day 40 – Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today is the day of ‘Lead Gen Summit’.

I arrived early to help set up and print off the guest list as I was unable to do this yesterday.

I began putting up all the banners that we had for both The Summit and WP Aid as well as some personal one’s that Richard had created.

To print off the guest list, I asked the reception if I could send over the document to their printer to see whether it would work. But unfortunately it did not work which means that the issue is with my laptop rather than the printer.

The lady received a copy of my document to her laptop to say that it was unable to print, which was useful as it meant she was able to open up the document and print it off for me.

I then continued to set up, there was also a few people that had turned up early so we directed them to the refreshments lounge.

Richard was also flapping as his memory stick had died which held his presentation on for the summit which meant that he was busy trying to solve that problem and Jake was assisting him, resulting in me setting most of the room up.

Our keynote speakers started to arrive and put up their own banners as well as Anthony had his books that he was selling. We displayed all books and brochures on a table at the back of the room.

I was placed on a table outside of the room to check people in. I had the paper copy of the guest list as well as the Eventbrite app which allows me to check everyone in on it. 

It is useful and for the last workshop, Jake set an automation up where everyone I signed in will automatically create a tag on their active campaign profile or if their not active campaign then it will create a profile for them. 

This is great for when we usually send out email after the workshop for feedback to say thank you for attending.

It would have also helped if I had done my guestlist in alphabetical order as it would have been much easier to find guests as they were coming in, but I guess that is a lesson learnt for the next workshop that we do.

I sat outside until 11:00 am as there were many late comers and I wanted to ensure that I had checked everyone in that had came without disturbing the event.

It allowed me to reschedule some boiler appointments for those that enquired to change them and answer all emails from Boiler Servicing and ensure that the day will be operating smoothly for our engineer.

I was also able to respond to the emails that I had received last minute from those that informed me that they were no longer able to attend the event.

At the start of the day I felt as though we were a bit unorganised but we turned it around very quickly and lessons have been learnt for next time but it was a very good and useful day and I felt as though everyone that attended, were able to learn a lot of using things.

I missed our first keynote speaker as well as our Ninja Jake’s demo due to still signing people in that were late but I was able to witness the rest of the day which was brilliant.

After lunch we done a Q&A panel where all the speakers sat on stage answering questions which I thought was great and so did the members.

Richard has aimed to promote his mastermind sessions within ‘The Summit’ and will be aiming to launch that after The Summit has taken place.

The only downside of the day is the slides were not very clear, this was due to the projector being used had poor quality lighting.

We altered the slides to make them bigger and bolder but unfortunately the screenshots that Richard had included within his slides, were visually poor.

This is a shame as there was some great content and I know that when we receive feedback from The Summit, this will be one of the key points made. 

I will be offering to send out the slides to those that may like them to go back over them.

I am very intrigued to see what our NPS will be.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on getting feedback and catching up with Boiler Servicing and closing jobs and taking payments for the work that was completed today.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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