Day 42 & 43 – Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

I have decided to combine both Blogs for Yesterday and today due to completing similar tasks and carrying on completing the follow ups on both days.

My main focus for the majority of the week is to get all jobs finalised as well as double check on that all engineers are still carrying out the work on the day. Especially those that I have organised to complete some work on behalf of us that we have not worked with previously.

We have decided to release one of our engineers, which means that I need to ensure no documents are missing such as certificates and all jobs are getting done.

The only trouble is many engineers who said they are able to complete the work have suggested it would need to be a different date and time that it was originally booked in for.

I have therefore had to get in contact with many customers to rearrange their date and time and then gone back to the engineer to confirm.

Because we have not been using our usual diary until we fix some issues that we are currently having, it means that I have not been taking bookings through the website personally, although it still allows customers to book through it, it has meant that I have needed to move it out of the diary into a temporary one that we are using.

If the date and time has changed of the original appointment, I have then needed to send the customer out a manually written email confirmation as well as the sending the job details over to the engineer.

Without our original engineer, it means that it requires me needing to focus more on the company as well as deal with the quotes that he had sent out but not completed the remedial work yet. 

Which means that I need to organise for new engineers to attend the job, access it and get the materials ordered as soon as possible.

I am needing to do a lot of chasing in order to close and confirm jobs.

Richard and I have discussed needing to do some marketing to be able to gain a suitable engineer who will follow our way of doing things. This will help to us to keep the good level of customer service up without allowing the engineer to bring it down.

Due to a lot of the engineers having their own work to complete, it is difficult for them to fit us into their diary’s for the days we request as well as trying to get in contact with them to arrange and confirm.

These past few days have just been full of chasing customers and engineers.

We are also beginning to focus on building our boiler service reviews so each time we receive nice feedback from the customers, we will be asking them if they could kindly put it onto our reviews section within our Facebook page.

At the start of each day I will be starting to phone the customers to ensure they have been happy with their service and whether there are still any issues to ensure I can close off the job or organise a recall for the customer.

This afternoon I have had a project to focus on which I will be continuing tomorrow for ‘Lead Gen’. I am adding on lots of content onto our new website which I have been uploading my blogs to.

I am adding all the content for the 30 day challenge which is different steps and advice given for 30 days to gain new leads. I am also needing to find suitable pictures to upload for each day of the challenge.

I have managed to upload many of them today but I will be continuing the rest of them tomorrow as one of my first tasks.

I have been continuing to confirm jobs that we have booked in with the different engineers to ensure our level of customer service goes up since the new change has been implemented. 

Paige x


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