Day 39- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today my main focus is getting everything wrapped up and finalised for tomorrow’s Lead Gen Summit as well as working on boiler servicing enquiries, chasing quotes and bookings.

I always spend my first part of the morning answering all enquiries for both companies and communicating with our engineer to get quotes as well as book in recalls.

I have also completed more phone calls to confirm attendees as well as sending out emails to those who I have been unable to contact, so when they are available they will respond throughout the day.

It is also useful as many guests who are unable to attend have been able to email me throughout these past couple of days that I have sent emails out to say if they are unable to attend, especially those that were planning on attending but unfortunately last minute they are unable to attend due to various reasons.

Whilst completing the emails and phone calls, I have had many guests confirm that they will be attending which is great!

I attempted to print of the guest list and the end of today but for some reason my laptop does not allow me to print. It will send to the printer but it never works.

To be able to print, you have to send it to the printer within an email and attach the document you would like to print. I done this from two separate email addresses but it did not work, which was very frustrating!

I also confirmed the printings that we will be giving out at tomorrow’s summit and ensured that they will be taken to tomorrow’s BNI which Richard will be attending first thing tomorrow morning.

I will be placing the order forms within the brochure to then give to people.

Today we have had a few boiler service bookings which is good! We have been very quiet at the moment but we have had a few recalls which have lead to remedial working needing to be carried out, so I have been able to book those in.

We have also received payments from invoices that have been sent out this week, which is also good.

I have started invoices 34 and 35 for boiler servicing from our engineer Alan. I have been working on these and it also helps me to see who has been invoiced and who has not.

It also allows me to see those who have had a service done, whether they have received the service certificate, as our engineer emails them it over directly. 

I created a spreadsheet when I first started for all the missing certificates that we had not received and the customers had been chasing.

This was a useful way to track once those that we were awaiting for and once we had received them, then I would turn it green.

For every invoice we receive, if there is missing certificates then I will add the date as well as the address and email it over to Alan for him to get them over.

There has been a few service certificates missing from these two invoices, meaning I have highlighted them in red to show we have not received them and they are not within our service certificate file. 

Richard informed me that at the last ‘Lead Gen Summit’ they had the red carpet laid out, so It was my duty to get this organised for tomorrow, which I managed to do.

I also sent out a last post one all of our social media platforms to promote the Summit, which may result in last minute bookings.

I have also confirmed with Mike Gosling who is one of our members of the academy and will be completing the recording but he is unable to be present as the event, so he has been kind enough to come and set up the camera at around 7:30 am and will be returning to collect it at the end of the day.

Due to having problems printing off the guest list, I will get it resolved first thing tomorrow as I will be in early to help set up.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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