Day 33 – Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today we had ‘The Business Expo’ where we had a stand that I was assigned to all day, handing out the leaflets for our free website offer for WP Aid.

It was my role to tell people more information and give out the leaflets. It was also a good opportunity to meet new businesses and exhibitors. 

When giving out the leaflets and answering peoples enquiries, it was a good opportunity to inform them about ‘The Lead Gen Academy’ as well as ‘The Summit’ that is taking place on the 7th of March.

I found it hard to answer some questions that people had due to having the least involvement with WP Aid and the least understanding of the technical side of a website.

I explained to people that we have The Lead Gen Academy which is where we have monthly workshops for those businesses who want to gain more leads and is where you get advice on how to get people to go onto your website that we would create through WP Aid.

Richard, Jake and Nell also done a talk but I was unable to watch as I stayed on the stand.

The Business Expo was busy but not as busy as I expected it to be, we were also allocated a large area but the positioning was not great as we were quite far back and there was also a lack of lighting which was not helpful.

We had our flyers to give out as well as a fish bowl which was we aimed to fill up with business cards for those who may be interested in either having one of our free websites or attending ‘The Lead Gen Summit’.

Jake also created an automatic system where people that were interested in having a One-to-One meeting with Richard and Jake were able to book straight in.

They held two slots of ‘Speed Networking’ which was useful and both Richard and Jake attended a slot each. It was a great way to network and a lot of business cards were exchanged from this.

We managed to give out lots of leaflets as well as receive many Business cards.

After the event I will be putting all the business card onto our CRM.

Jake has created a tag for When I am adding them onto Active Campaign, i can then tag their profile to say that we met them at ‘The Business Expo’. We have done this to allow us to send out an email tomorrow to offer them access to our free website deal, an invite to our Lead Gen Summit as well as a free one-to-one meeting with Richard if their interested.

This is very useful and does not take up much time. We will also be including my email address within the email for those who may have any queries.

Hopefully we have gained some good leads from today’s event.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on catching up with enquiries and making calls for ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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