Day 25- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today has been a very successful day for both Me and Richard.

Richard had many one-to-ones and closed all deals with each clients that were happy to join on board The Lead Gen Academy after attending our workshop last Thursday which was excellent!

It was my role today to chase those that were yet to pay off their invoices that had received our services this month! 

For those that were using our services for the first time this month were not set up on Xero which meant that I had to create their accounts to then send them over their invoices.

We also had many enquiries that I had to resolve for example, we had a couple of customers who have had their boilers fixed but required Alan to go back as they had to discover other problems! 

One customer presumed that our engineer would return for no cost, this mean that I had to explain that if it was the same recurring issue then it is classed as a ‘recall’ in which we do not charge for as it would mean that Alan would not have fixed the issue properly on the first visit.

We have our big event in March which is ‘The summit’ where we have double to amount of attendees in comparison to our normal workshops as well as ‘The Business expo’ which means a lot of preparation is required to be done!

I sent out an email to arrange the room hire for our ‘Lead Gen Summit’ to ensure its reserved and we receive the right catering.

I am also helping one of our clients to find a social media and marketing apprentice, meaning I have been in contact with many training providers and Apprentice recruitment agencies that will hopefully find the right candidate for the role.

I got in contact with all those that had outstanding payments and they were complete as well as making a couple of new bookings!

Richard showed me a little demo of another task that I need to complete which is billing all of our expenses on xero which will show us for future references on what we have paid out for on behalf of ‘The Boiler Servicing 24-7’.

I completed all the receipts and tomorrow I will need to bill everything that has been paid out for on ‘The Lead Gen Academy.

Since I started my blog writing journey, I have not uploaded any of them to our new website that will become public very soon!, This means that is my mission to upload one or two within the last 10 minutes that I have and then to continue and upload them all tomorrow!

I managed to upload one blog meaning I will know how to do it tomorrow.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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