Day 24- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

This morning I began my morning going through emails and answering enquiries from both emails.

I have also had an email set up for being able to access Richards diary which will allow me to add in One-to-One bookings and see his availability.

Me and Richard had a catch up this morning as I had not seen him since Thursday due to him being in London.

We began briefly reviewing our feedback that we had received back in order to outline some changes that could be implemented for the next upcoming events.

We have planned to sit down and discuss it in further detail as soon as we have received feedback from all attendees.

I have now got all feedback from the members that attended meaning I am just waiting on the majority of guests.

It is crucial that they respond and get booked in for a one-to-one appointment with Richard in order to discuss their personal business and what we could do to assist them in growing their business.

Today I have been able to book in a few one-to-ones and our aim is to get at least ¾ sign ups to the academy.

I also discussed with Richard a few ideas that I had in mind for example, we have created an automation where an email is sent out from Richards email address to be able to get feedback.

I feel as though it would be more beneficial if we had it sent out from my email address, which will mean feedback will then be sent back to my email and i can record the data.

I have also added some business cards onto our CRM of people that Richard met with this morning at one of our client’s breakfast events. It was also my role to organise a meeting with one and send a link to another.

It is just a case of waiting on the rest of the responses so we are able to get our Net Promoter Score.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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