Day 26- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Due to only being able to upload one of my blogs yesterday, it meant that this morning I needed to focus on getting them all uploaded after I had been through my various email accounts to deal with enquiries that I had.

Once I had began uploading them it became more simple and I was able to upload them all. 

To upload my blogs we use a software called ‘Kajabi’ which is how we access the backend of our website.

I will need to go through them all and proof-read them once more before the website goes live to ensure my grammar and wording is correct.

After I had completed this task, I followed up one of our suppliers to see whether he still held the format for our Lead Gen Academy info pack, which would mean we could keep the format the same and we can just edit the text. 

He got back to me to say that he does still have it and would be able to do this for us in preparation for our ‘Lead Gen Summit’.

I processed all the billing receipts using Xero that we had for ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’ yesterday. I then done the same process today but for all the receipts and invoices that we had for ‘The Lead Gen Academy”. 

I chose to complete this task at the end of the day as Instead I chose to make my main focus or as Richard likes to refer to it as an ‘A task’, Boiler Servicing reminders.

This is a task that needed to be worked on thoroughly today as where I have had to use the web version of Outlook, it has been unable to provide me with the contact details of each address of those that are due a service.

We had availability in Alan’s Diary that we needed to feel, I moved each service reminder a step forwards by sending over emails and taking some bookings which was good!

I arranged some more One-To-Ones following up from the attendees of out last workshop!

It is crucial throughout the day that I am keeping on top of all the Boiler enquiries that come through as well as catch up with our Engineer Alan! 

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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