In the 1990s, HMV and Blockbuster were titans of their respective industries, dominating the high street with their vast selections of music and films. Fast forward to the present, and

Hard work is often celebrated as the cornerstone of success (think ‘Rise & Grind’), yet its true effectiveness emerges only when channeled towards well-defined, strategic goals. Without a clear direction,

In our quest for being all things awesome on LinkedIn, we’ve embraced a rhythm that not only streamlines content management but also amplifies its impact—the 13-week cycle. This strategy divides

If you’re a solopreneur aiming to transition from managing every aspect of your business to assuming the role of owner, supported by a dedicated team, allowing you to focus on

Day one in The Lead Gen Group – I felt nervous and apprehensive as to how I’d adapt to the different software’s used within the company. My day began with Richard

Today I felt more comfortable when arriving into the office as I had a better understanding of what I would be working towards and how to use the CRM which is ActiveCampaign. I

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