Day 5- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

The main focus for today was to be able to retrieve feedback from all those that attended The Lead Gen Academy on Thursday, this is beneficial so we are able to see what people liked about the event and what could be done to improve for the future.

From this I also asked them for a rating from 1 to 10 on how likely it would be for them to recommend The Lead Gen Academy to a friend or an employer. From these results it will help us to gain a Net Promoter Score on which we can focus on each month  in order to make improvements each month to be able to gain a higher score.

I also set up an Instagram page for The Lead Gen so we are able to upload content and images as well as uploading pictures that were captured by one of our members David Hogg onto our Facebook community page.

I then made calls to all members to get feedback from them, I was not able get hold of all members so I kept a note on who I will need to get in contact with on Monday. I then made calls to all guests that attended to not only get feedback but to also arrange a One-to- One with Richard to discuss marketing strategies and whether they would be interested in becoming a member of the academy.

Once I had confirmed who would be attending a One- to- One next week, I put a note on the spreadsheet of what date and time they would be coming in as well as sending them an email confirmation. On a couple of the One-to- One’s they requested for Jake to attend, this meant that I had to get in contact with Jake to ensure he was available to attend.

It is important to then send all those attending a One-to- One confirmation, this is so they will not forget. I was not able to get in contact with all guests meaning I wrote a note of who i had left to get in contact with on Monday.

I got in contact with those guests that were planning on attending the event but were unable to make it, this meant I was able to sign them up for February’s event as well as arranging a One-to-One in advance. 

There were a few people who had already signed up for a ticket to February’s event but had enquiries regarding the event, so I was able to forward them on more information and set them up on our CRM.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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