Day 29 – Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today I will be continuing to upload the last of the content to our website that will be launching very soon!

I had to convert some of the workbooks to a PDF file in order for members to be able to view them.

I then completed my daily duties and made some calls for the boiler company as our engineers diary had plenty of space that needed to be filled!

The one thing that I have learnt within the boiler business is communication is key! Especially between our engineer and us this end so we can follow up any quotes that Alan may have made or appointments that are now not being attended for various reasons.

Richard has showed me a demo this morning on through our CRM ‘Active Campaign’ in which he has filtered our different clients who require a follow up for each business such as, WP Aid, Lead Gen Academy and One2One which is the Coaching that Richard offers to businesses. This encourages to help them aim to gain more leads and the different ways they would be able to do so.

It was my role to get in contact with everyone within the list to see what their thoughts are and how they would like to progress further.

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in getting any deals sealed! I was either unable to get in contact with them so left them a voicemail or they informed me that they were not interested!

Richard always tells me that no matter on the results, at least we have moved the needle forwards for each client as it will then remind them to get in contact with me to inform me whether they would still be interested. Always be positive!

It is easy to feel negative after not receiving any of the answers that you wished for!

Due to having two units of course work to complete, it is important that I begin to finish them up. The reason I was unable to complete much of the other unit is due to Jo who is my apprenticeship manager having to explain the first unit set further as I did not have a great understanding of it!

I then got caught up within the academy as we had an event taking place the following week, which meant that I was focusing on the last of the preparation and making feedback calls after it had taken place.

It is also required that I complete some online assessments for my qualification that I will be completing tomorrow but will not take me very long. These assessments are based around maths and English to keep your brain refreshed.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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