Day 28- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today It is my role to begin to assist with the preparation that is being made for our ‘ Lead Gen Summit’ which will be taking place in a few weeks time and is one of our biggest events that we hold, which is very scary for me and means I need to be on the ball ready to welcome 200 attendees!

Scary right? Considering I normally only deal with up to 60 attendees that come to our monthly workshops!

I have chased up one of Richards contacts in regards to making changes to our Lead Gen Info booklet.

I will be mainly focusing on dealing with daily enquiries that come from ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7”

For the rest of the day I will be building on our new website that will be launching very soon.

I will be uploading all of our live recording that we have done at each event kindly done by one of our members.

This is for the use of our members and will be included in the ‘Lead Gen Academy Membership package’.

I have also uploaded an electronic copy of our workbooks that were given for each workshop. This is beneficial for members to then go back over the content after they have attended the workshop to implement what they had learnt.

Within the feedback that I received previously from attendees they like the fact we live stream our workshops for this purpose and will mean once the website is up and running, each recording will be accessible. 

I have uploaded most content but when I converted it from a draft to a published document, it meant that it had to do further downloading which took some time. I will be uploading the workbooks first thing tomorrow morning.

I now have to attend an orthodontist appointment and will be completing coursework once I return as I am due my monthly visit from my apprenticeship manager next week.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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