Day 21- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today is the day of our event meaning I will not have loads to write about as I will be checking attendees in and listening to all the content that is being presented. 

I got to work and set up my laptop as well as ensured that there were enough booklets placed out and enough seats.

I got some spare chairs and placed them next to me as well as having a spare stack of work booklets on my desk for those who may come without confirming as well as the late comers.

Jake who is our ninja that also runs The Lead Gen Academy with Richard was able to link Active Campaign to Eventbrite using a software called Zapier. Which meant that when I signed guests in on the Eventbrite app it notifies active campaign and adds a tag to their profile to say that they attended February’s event. This was also part of his ninja funnel demo and presented his automations that he had created.

This helps us to know which guests attended due to them only being allowed to attend one event as well as having a one-to-one with Richard and then they have to make the decision as to whether they would like to become a member of The Lead Gen Academy.

The content and outcome of the workshop was really good! 

We had a speaker who is professional and owns his own business that is all about Facebook advertising.

I feel as though the audience appreciated his content and the demo that he gave for them to be able to create their own campaign and ads, which proves it is possible and for the audience to see it in action was much appreciated!.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on gaining all feedback from the event and booking guests in for a one-to-one, although we have an email that will be sent to everyone in order to allow them to book in for a one-to-one which will give them access to Richard availability.

We are also aiming for a higher net promoter score then last time so fingers crossed we reach target!

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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