One of our Inner Circle member’s Susan Payton from The Business of Stories (big up!) shared a video just after New Year, which I loved and have recently gone back too.

It was by a normal guy who achieved extraordinary things by taking one step at a time.

He decoded how to create great art, win Wimbledon and break world records simply by taking a step at a time and keep on stepping.

I like the video, it’s a TED X and worth a look, here is the link:




The message is simple.


Break big tasks down into small steps.


For most growing a business quickly and systematically is a big task.




It’s a bloody monster of a task!


But, some of us crazy one’s have attacked this monster.


…and the first step to winning at this game is to nail lead generation.


Because if you have no leads you have no business.


So, to reliably know you have nailed that first step, you must...

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As a women born in Russia, but operating in the academic and political landscape of the USA in the 1950’s and 60’s Ayn Rand didn’t have it easy (you think the USA is right-wing now!), but when you’re known for quotes such as:


"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me"


You can see why she became a force to be reckoned with.


Her work supporting laissez-faire capitalism and helping to support political ideology based on recognising individual rights helped to shape modern America.


The essence of her quote is true for all of us.


In 2020 the landscape has never been more level for a business to find success.


All that is needed is for you to develop a habit.


An lead generating habit.


Supported by me, my team, my fellow mentors and of course the awesome lead gen community.


So, before I give you the link let me use one more Ayn’s fine quotes:


"The ladder of...

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