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Welcome to my goodie bag of tools, resources and digital treats for you lovely people to feast upon!

I have used every single one of them and therefore put my name to each product. I do regularly update this page and will remove products that I feel have lost their way a little bit or quite simply have been superseded by a better product.

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I hope you enjoy them...


This platform we love because it goes beyond email marketing software like mailchimp as it adds true marketing automation as well as sales prospecting. - Since switching we have use it everyday and have never looked back


This is the software I use for my online courses. Below is a link to their 28 day challenge. You get all 28 days of Kajabi for FREE. This is the longest free trial promotion they have running so well worth using if you want to test out this great platform.

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Digital Products...

Analytics SEO
Long Tail Pro -
Optin Skin –
EasyAzon –


4 hour work week
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Key Person of Influence


Wealth Dynamics

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