Day 9- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

AA Concierge
November 28, 2023

Today I will be mainly focusing on making calls for The boiler servicing 24-7 to remind people that their boiler is due a service and perhaps a gas safety inspection. I will be picking up from where I left off yesterday.

I continued making calls and managed to make three sales as well as a guarantee sale tomorrow due to a customer phoning up in the morning to complete his booking.

Today I came across many customers that were not interested and it was made very obvious by their tone of voice and bluntness.

It is crucial when dealing with rude customers that you have to be kind and polite with a professional manor and just inform them that if they do however require our services in the future, to get in contact and we will be happy to help. 

I find I begin to challenge myself when facing customers that may knock me back, to power through it and become determined to have a successful phone call and to complete another sale, as their are also many customers out there that would be interested in taking up our offer on using our services. This means when I do complete another sale, it is a massive achievement for myself. 

This is the position that I was in today as I managed to get my last sale in 10 minutes before the end of my working day, meaning I finished my day on a high.

Richard also gave me invoices of services that were complete over the Christmas period as we had to re-track some of our customers service certificates due to our system going down for two weeks. This meant that our engineer Alan had to complete paper copies, rather than electronic copies that are usually stored on our server. 

I went through each address and ticked off the certificates we had and crossed off the ones that were not on the server as well as the ones that were paper copies.

Once I had completed this, I created a list of the ones that needed to be re-done as an electronic copy and sent it over to our engineer so he was able to create them and send them back over.

I had also arranged some more one-to-ones with business owners that Richard met at a networking event this morning, as well as rearranging ones that our guests were unable to attend. 

I felt as though today was a successful today, despite a couple of knock backs!, meaning I will be aiming higher tomorrow!.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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