Day 38- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

Today I am focusing on getting in contact with all of our members and guests who have purchased a ticket to attend our Lead Gen Summit on Thursday.

Firstly, I will respond to all of the inquiries that I have received this morning and last night.

I have also finished off my blog from yesterday and uploaded it as well as Friday’s blog.

I need to get in contact with two of our academy members who have made referrals which have both resulted in leads. 

As Richard’s way of saying thank you, he has offered both of them a two hour One-to-One coaching session where lunch will also be provided.

There has also been two Boiler Servicing customers who have been waiting to receive a quote from our engineer so they are able to get their boiler issues resolved.

I have chased our engineer this morning and booked in one of them for a remedial and waiting to hear back from the other.

I also had a call from a third customer at the end of today to say that they are yet to receive a quote from Alan which I have informed Alan of, hopefully he will get that over first thing tomorrow.

I am going to start with getting in contact with the members to see who is able to attend the summit. 

We are putting on a VIP Lunch for those members and people who have purchased a VIP ticket, which includes the membership.

I have exported all the guests that have purchased a ticket on Eventbrite and put them onto a guest list alongside the members.

For those that have purchased two tickets, I have had to add the names of their additional people manually onto the spreadsheet.

I will be using the spreadsheet to write who I have been in contact with and who is able to attend.

I got a lot of responses from academy members and those who I have been unable to get hold of, I will try and get in contact with them tomorrow.

I am going to be mainly focusing on the guests as they are the ones who may not necessarily know how it works and will have more enquiries then the members who know how it works and attend our monthly academy.

I have worked my way through the list and those guests who I have been unable to get in contact with or find the best contact numbers for, I have sent them over an email for them to confirm their attendance.

I have found that I have received many responses and it also means that we now have contact details for them due to the majority of them having their best contact number for them within their signature and the bottom of the email.

The negative thing about sending them out emails, is it is more time consuming as I am having to alter the email to everyone that I am sending one out too.

I plan to continue getting in contact with those that I have been unable to get hold of tomorrow to get as many guests confirmed as possible.

I have also finalised the order form for printing for us to be able to get out at the summit.

I have enquired about us having microphones for the summit and it was also a suggestion that was made from the last workshop.

It is crucial that we get hold off some type of microphone due to us having a bigger audience to our normal monthly workshops.

We have various different keynote speakers so I have enquired about us having a handheld microphone as well as one that gets attached to your clothing, known as a lapel microphone.

Carla who has been organising our room hire has confirmed that we can also have this.

Mike who is one of our members has confirmed today that he is unable to attend to be able to do the Live streaming for the event but has kindly suggested he could set up a camera in the morning which will then record all day.

He suggested this to me at the end of today and I responded to say we would kindly take him up on the offer but he has not responded which means I will chase him tomorrow to discuss this further and the time he can arrive to set it up.

If not me and Richard discussed a back up plan of using his phone and a tripod to be able to livestream and although the quality and sound may not be as good, at least you everyone will get to see all the content being delivered with some sound.

Tomorrow is all about finalising guests, equipment and ensure there has been no problems with our printings.

I will also be dealing with enquiries and making boiler bookings throughout the day.

Due to us me mainly focusing on ‘The Lead Gen Summit’ this week, It has meant that completing the daily dashboard and reports has not been a priority but I will be getting on top of this on Monday.

Although I am aware of how we are progressing and have been booking in services and recalls, I need to record it.

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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