Day 27- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

November 28, 2023

My first tasks this morning was to continue billing the receipts and invoices from ‘The Lead Gen Academy’. 

I felt it was a simple task to complete although there were a couple of invoices which were different that I required a bit of assistance with.

Richard had also given me a long list of people that he would like to see in for a One-to-One meeting that he meets with every week at BNI, meaning it was my role to get this arranged.

Many people also required information about our next big event that will be taking place in three weeks time.

It was crucial for me today to chase those who still have not responded to my email with feedback from The Lead Gen Academy Workshop. We feel it is important to be able to get a score from every attendee to allow us to work out the overall NPS.

Today I made a few calls to estate agents to arrange viewings for this afternoon and tomorrow morning on behalf of Richard as they are looking to move house. This was something I had never done before but it was an easy task to complete!

I added some content to our Instagram page that I created not so long ago, it is especially important that i am uploading content on there every time we have an event to show the pictures that we captured.

There were also some reviews that we had received from one of our academy members which I thought was lovely, So i thought it was a good idea to upload this on our page for everyone to see!.

Richard mentioned to me a few days ago about us creating our own quotes, these will contain either pictures or The Lead Gen Academy logo. It is crucial with this idea that we keep it consistent to give it a personal touch. 

This afternoon I gave this a go and managed to create a good quote containing a picture of Richard which was captured at one of our events. I then uploaded this to our Instagram page and it will be something that I will be continuing to do!

I also completed my daily duties of dealing with Boiler enquiries and responding to emails.

Today I had arranged two calls between Apprenticeship training providers and one of our clients who is looking for an apprentice, I had mentioned this in one of my previous blogs!

I had every hope and faith that they would be successful conversations for our client James. He sent me over an email with Feedback and as good as they both went, he preferred one of the training provider to the other! But at least it was a very successful conversation that I had organised!

I will continue to search for other training providers on Monday until we reach the goal of James receiving the appropriate candidate!

Paige x


Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

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