Only 9% use The Tube - is not a London travel-based observation – although I wish only 9% of commuters used the tube

(Think can of Sardines – although I identify as more of a Pilchard – get it ‘Richard’ – ‘Pilchard’ – ahhh my humour is wasted!).

Only 9% of small businesses are using YouTube ads to get more leads.


“I thought with all the YouTube Celebs its saturated” – I hear you cry.


Well NO, only 9% of small business are using the Ads - making YouTube a kindda new/old shinny thing.

Many of the entrepreneurial community have been and still continue to use the platform for organic thought leadership stuff.

But very few run ads to COLD audiences.

People who do not know you, but you suspect are in the market for your stuff.

AND it’s not as complicated as you think.

  1. Create a SIMPLE video that draws them onto one of your landing pages
  2. Select an audience in the Ads Manger
  3. Press Go



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