The late great Ayrton Senna once said:


“You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather…. but you can when it’s raining.”


Well, it’s raining worry, concern and bad news – none of us are immune to that.

Yet, not all of us will let it stand in our way.

Some of us will be busy overtaking 15 cars

Overtaking competition

Overtaking pre-conceptions

Overtaking doom and gloom

Taking the lead in our own personal race to make sure we come out of this crisis ahead.

For many of us that mean replacing lost clients or lost time – you probably feel like me that this year was going to be a great year.

Well together let’s make sure that’s still the case.

Let’s work together to generate the business enquiries you need to overtake those 15 cars – even in this crisis.

My team and I want to do the work for you, and I have created this video to explain exactly how and the cost (Please excuse the isolation beard!).


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