Lets Unconnect!

lead generation linkedin Sep 28, 2022

Let’s be honest, when we first went on to LinkedIn we started by trying to connect with friends and colleagues, then the randoms started to reach out and ask us to connect, and because we were new to this new shinny place we accepted a few, then time move forwards and before we know it we have 100’s if not 1,000’s of weird and wonderful connections clogging up our feed with irrelevant musing.

Some of the information we see in our feed is interesting, some of it is pure tosh.

You are not alone.

We all went through this journey.

So how do we break the cycle?

In my opinion the best way to do so is to lock in your target audience. Then slowly remove anyone who doesn’t look like your dream client.

Imagine a world where you have 3 – 4,0000 connections and all of them are perfect for your flagship product.

This is easy to do.

Simply, review your connections and delete the wrong ones. If you have thousands of connections, then you may just want to do a little...

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“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee understood that mental focus is the difference between being average and extraordinary.

Throughout his life, he spoke and wrote about the tremendous benefits of being able to reach the highest level of focus and concentration.

Lee is a classic demonstration of someone with high self-discipline and commitment to a cause to teach through martial arts.

He shows us that self-discipline is not a fruit of our endeavours & hard work but rather a powerful enabler for us to achieve our endeavours and goals.

Making time and space for self-discipline is the first step towards doing it.

Creating GOOD habits allow us to focus on what we want to achieve.

I want to help you create good lead generation habits for you and your business, even for your team.

The LEADGEN™ Inner Circle community are all entrepreneurs and marketers just like you, striving for Bruce Lee like focus and...

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One of our Inner Circle member’s Susan Payton from The Business of Stories (big up!) shared a video just after New Year, which I loved and have recently gone back too.

It was by a normal guy who achieved extraordinary things by taking one step at a time.

He decoded how to create great art, win Wimbledon and break world records simply by taking a step at a time and keep on stepping.

I like the video, it’s a TED X and worth a look, here is the link:




The message is simple.


Break big tasks down into small steps.


For most growing a business quickly and systematically is a big task.




It’s a bloody monster of a task!


But, some of us crazy one’s have attacked this monster.


…and the first step to winning at this game is to nail lead generation.


Because if you have no leads you have no business.


So, to reliably know you have nailed that first step, you must...

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Many entrepreneurs and marketeers throw themselves into 2020 with renewed passion and focus.


I am delighted to say many of them have jumped into our community to develop their very own Lead Gen Habit.


But before they start, I always advise the following - and perhaps this advice is universal.


Here’s why: Lots of people treat this kind of resource like a gym – they become a member, they show up once or twice, but they fail to implement what the instructor says is relevant for them and fail to follow through.


What results do they get?




The 30 Leads in 30 Days Challenge works the same: Browse all you want but start on DAY ONE and go for it.


Time block your Lead Gen Hour - its only 30 days!


Implement, get familiar, get good, then evergreen it, so it pays out leads forever.


A Lead Gen Automated Machine!

That's my goal for you.


Eternal Evergreen Leads – 4Ever!


How do you start?



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Business Networking to Generate Leads = BNI?

As someone who spends his life looking at ever better ways to generate leads for my clients, sometimes you cannot bypass the ages old tactics.


#BNI is a global business networking community, which organise local weekly events for likeminded business people.


The stats are simple for me, I have given 163 referrals in the last 12 months (Leads in my world) and revived 83 referrals. 


...but what does that actually mean for me?


Quite simply in the last 12 months that means £84,643 of revenue received into my business from those referrals.


So ask yourself this...


What are you doing before 8.30am one day a week? 



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Every day we hand out a tiny brochure about our businesses without even realising it. Look at the stacks on your desk, the deck in your drawer or the stash in your wallet. Business cards, in all sizes, shapes and colours, are everywhere. And yet, while we all understand that a business card is a necessity, we often fail to see it as a marketing opportunity.

It's time to start seeing that little slip of paper for what it is: the best opportunity you have to market yourself or your business to a targeted and captive audience. After all, you chose to hand it to that person for a reason.

Below are my two best tips…

#1. PICTURE - Always include a photo of you! A logo is okay, but a picture is better because you want people to remember who you are, and a picture will definitely help with that. – Remember people buy people.

#2. CTA - A call to action (CTA) on your business card is so important, just like we’re taught to do on everything else we post and publish online....

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