I joined nearly 1 million people this morning as I bounced my growing self-isolated mass around the living room next to my far more energetic wife and kids.

Listening to the now legendary Joe Wicks tell me to ‘bunny hop’, ‘Spiderman’ and ‘climb the ladder like Fireman Sam’ was quite something!

With his channel now amassing nearly 98 million views, its quite a moment for him.

Watching an interview, he recorded with CCN on Sunday they asked him about his ‘over-night success’ and Joe replied the immortal words of every success story:

“It took me 7 years to become an overnight success”


…because he kept showing up for his audience every day for 7 years. Through small audiences and shoes string budgets, just to be ready for when the market was right and whoosh! – Off he goes into the internet hall of fame and donating all his income from the You Tube Channel to the NHS on the way.

AHHHH – Joe (you have to...

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