This will probably make you a little uncomfortable, but it's the truth.


The #1 excuse people use for not getting sh!t done, always has to do with time.


Underachievers will say...

“I’m too busy”, “I have no time”, “I’m swamped with client work”, “It’s late and I need sleep”, “I can’t get up any earlier”, blah, blah, blah...


I know so many business owners who work hard but are still not reaching their potential.

I know some that are not even working hard, yet surprised they also are not reaching their potential.


The difference between high achievement and underachievement is FOCUS.


REALLY do you not have the time? – Especially now we are locked up in our home’s?

…or are you filling it with work you could outsource or Netflix you can stop watching or the same doom and gloom news feed we are all glued too that will not help any of us feel good.

We all...

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Can I tell you a story?

Once upon a time, there was an adult.


This adult woke up checked their phone, got ready for the day, did what they must do to pay the bills, had dinner, watched TV, sat with their phone scrolling nonsense, went to sleep.


In between all that, they had some thoughts about not making enough money, working on the wrong type of work, not having enough fun.


Then they did it all again, almost exactly the same way the next day and the next and the next.


This adult lived their life on autopilot and for the most part they were okay with it.


Except when they remembered that they’re not making enough money - working on the wrong type of work - not having enough fun.


Here’s the crazy thing though, even though most people live their repetitive life on autopilot, it’s not always a bad thing.


The most successful people in the world live their lives on a form of autopilot as well.


This difference though...

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Automate your low-level lead gen function's with this

A little over 2 years after Zuckerberg announced the arrival of Facebook Messenger bots, the technology has already established its value for small businesses looking to scale.

In case you are still none the wiser, it’s that little blue circle at the bottom right corner of websites with the white lightning bolt through it!

…but why do we care?

At the most fundamental level, chatbots offer a way for organisations to automate many low-level customer service and lead gen functions.

Instead of waiting on hold to speak to a person, clients can chat with a bot to answer basic questions, access marketing material or to complete the basic stages of a simple quotation.

Customers simply click the "Message" button on your Facebook page (or website) and a Messenger session is launched automatically, allowing them to type a question and begin chatting with your bot.

As a small business looking to scale any tool that can reduce the workload of front line staff, allowing them to focus...

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