Who’s going to stop you? - PART 2

Who’s going to stop you?

As a women born in Russia, but operating in the academic and political landscape of the USA in the 1950’s and 60’s Ayn Rand didn’t have it easy (you think the USA is right-wing now!), but when you’re known for quotes such as:

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me"

You can see why she became a force to be reckoned with.
Her work supporting laissez-faire capitalism and helping to support political ideology based on recognising individual rights helped to shape modern America.
The essence of her quote is true for all of us.
In 2020 the landscape has never been more open for a small businesses to find success.
When the market leaders of the 'old world' are wobbling all over the place.
Industries, high street even markets are falling apart.
Now is your time to act.
To scale...
...and to start to grow out of this crisis, all that is needed is for you...
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I want to demonstrate 6 ways that you can apply to your lead generation right now (even in this crisis) that will help you get more customers today or to get you the leads for new clients post crisis.


Let's start by looking at an Ad from a local Accountant.


Ad: “Free Consultation and 20% off Tax Return - Atlas Chartered Certified Accountants offer an initial 1 hour FREE consultation, and a 20% discount on any standard personal Self-Assessment Tax Return - Click the link below”


Good ad?


NOPE! Honestly, I would give it a "C-".


Most Ads like this consistently lose money because there's no connection, it's boring, salesy and over complicated (needle in eyes).


So, how do you make it better?


Well, you need to...


#1.  Be specific on who you're targeting, 10.39 million Self-Assessment tax returns were completed in the UK last year – that’s a WAY to big an audience to target

#2.  Make it about your...

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