Do you have a team?

I do and so do many of the Lead Gen Inner Circle.

My team has many important qualities, but here are three of the most vital:

  1. Organised – My team love spreadsheets, lists, scheduling, and getting tasks DONE!
  2. Expert people skills - Whether handling phone calls, emails, or last-minute changes, my pro team will not lose their cool. They are persuasive, friendly, and trustworthy.
  3. Not me.

Let’s talk about #3:


If you have a business, but you’re still wearing multiple hats and you don’t have help, remember this quote:


“If you don’t have a team, you are the team.”


Or to put it this way, if you woke up feeling extremely ill tomorrow and there’s no way you could even look at a screen let alone tackle or reschedule a single task on your to-do list. Would your business be able to carry on without you for the next 7 days?


Even if you “never get sick like that”, operating as a 1 or even 2...

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