This will probably make you a little uncomfortable, but it's the truth.


The #1 excuse people use for not getting sh!t done, always has to do with time.


Underachievers will say...

“I’m too busy”, “I have no time”, “I’m swamped with client work”, “It’s late and I need sleep”, “I can’t get up any earlier”, blah, blah, blah...


I know so many business owners who work hard but are still not reaching their potential.

I know some that are not even working hard, yet surprised they also are not reaching their potential.


The difference between high achievement and underachievement is FOCUS.


REALLY do you not have the time? – Especially now we are locked up in our home’s?

…or are you filling it with work you could outsource or Netflix you can stop watching or the same doom and gloom news feed we are all glued too that will not help any of us feel good.

We all...

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Many entrepreneurs and marketeers throw themselves into 2020 with renewed passion and focus.


I am delighted to say many of them have jumped into our community to develop their very own Lead Gen Habit.


But before they start, I always advise the following - and perhaps this advice is universal.


Here’s why: Lots of people treat this kind of resource like a gym – they become a member, they show up once or twice, but they fail to implement what the instructor says is relevant for them and fail to follow through.


What results do they get?




The 30 Leads in 30 Days Challenge works the same: Browse all you want but start on DAY ONE and go for it.


Time block your Lead Gen Hour - its only 30 days!


Implement, get familiar, get good, then evergreen it, so it pays out leads forever.


A Lead Gen Automated Machine!

That's my goal for you.


Eternal Evergreen Leads – 4Ever!


How do you start?



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