Day 15- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I will be continuing to put my learning into practice as I am carrying on focusing on creating invoices and getting them sent over.

Richard gave me two different lists of all the jobs that were carried out in December and January.

I had completed all invoices for December yesterday but the process did not take as long as many of Decembers had been created and sent over, which also meant that they had already got an account on ‘Xero’.

I sent out all invoices from this month as well as created all their accounts on ‘Xero’ which meant that most of them were new customers.

There was also other documents that many customers required that they had missed place such as their service report and certificate, meaning it was my role to locate them and re-send them over.

I had generally daily duties to complete and various enquiries to deal with such as emergency appointments which needed to be finished by taking their card details against their booking.


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Day 14- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I am quite excited to learn new things such as how to create invoices and go onto the back of our Boiler Service website to be able to assist me when going through the invoices.

I will be going through the list of all appointments that we had in December as well as this month to see if any of our customers are missing invoices.

This is an important job and is crucial that it gets complete as all customers require invoices for the services that we have charged them for.

Due to it being hard to be kept up to data prior to me joining, there are many customers that have had work done but have not received any invoices over the past couple of months which also meant that many of them were not registered on the software ‘Xero’ which is where all invoices are kept.

It is my job today to send out all invoices and create accounts for those without them. I will also be seeing whether their details are within our contact system which will help us in the future to be able to...

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Day 13- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I will be doing various small tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis, such as Boiler Servicing Calls as well as Lead Gen calls. There has also been a couple of enquiries of emergency appointments that I will be arranging first thing.

I have been restricted today in the tasks that I need to complete due to my laptop being wiped and reset, which meant I have had to gain access to all the different software's that I need to use for daily tasks as well as our CRM, meaning I began the morning with a very slow start.

In order to get our emergency appointments in the diary, it meant that I had to get in contact with our engineer Alan to know when would be best to fit them within the diary.

I also set up all resources that I am going to need to assist me in completing my course work for my apprenticeship in preparation of my Assessor visiting me tomorrow.

I will also being completing filler tasks such as uploading the remaining business cards to expand our CRM.

Today I have...

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Day 12- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

This morning I have focused on responding to emails for The Lead Gen Academy and Boiler Servicing 24-7 as well as dealing with enquiries that are sent through from our call centre. 

I have many smaller tasks to complete this morning such as re-arranging one-to-ones and updating the certificate spreadsheet and making phone calls for the boiler servicing reminders for those who are due a service or Gas Safety Inspection.

I am continuing to invite guests that Richard has seen for one-to-ones to our next event with a complimentary seat, meaning I have been in getting in contact with them via phone and email as well as adding them to Eventbrite so they receive an email which will include all details.

I will be starting to learn how to do follow ups from meetings that Richard has had. Richard as included me within the proposals that he has sent out for the recent one-to-ones to get people to join the academy or WP Aid.

Using this as a guideline will help me progress for the future...

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Day 11- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I am going to be picking up from where I left up off on Friday, responding to all emails that have been received from over the weekend as well as catching up on all the boiler reminders. 

Due to catching up with most of the reminders, it means that it is giving me less customers to get in contact with as we have dealt with most of them, meaning I am relying on trying to gain new customers as well as the reminder emails that come through on the day.

This Morning we done an activity of all the different tasks that are yet to be completed.

I wrote a list done on a piece of paper in order to get my brain thinking of everything I need to complete and that is outstanding. 

I then got another piece of paper and drew a chart which had the importance of the task as well as the urgency of when it needs to be done. This helped me to see which tasks classify as ‘A tasks’ which will be the most important and the tasks with the most urgency.

For example, Boiler...

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Day 10- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I am going to be focusing on calling through the remaining reminders for Boiler Servicing 24-7 and responding to all emails from both Boiler Servicing 24-7 and The Lead Gen Academy.

The boiler company is something that I will have to keep on top of daily as everyday we have new reminders that come through which will help us to almost sell to ‘existing customers’ that have used our services previously over the years, which means that we already have their information on the system.

I also went through all of the service certificates that our engineer Alan had sent back over which meant that i had to update the spreadsheet that I created which indicated which ones were still outstanding.

After I went through the ones he had done and moved each email over into the certificate folder, I sent him back over the spreadsheet of the ones that we are still waiting for so he is able to get them back over.

I continued to arrange the outstanding one to-ones that had not been...

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Day 9- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I will be mainly focusing on making calls for The boiler servicing 24-7 to remind people that their boiler is due a service and perhaps a gas safety inspection. I will be picking up from where I left off yesterday.

I continued making calls and managed to make three sales as well as a guarantee sale tomorrow due to a customer phoning up in the morning to complete his booking.

Today I came across many customers that were not interested and it was made very obvious by their tone of voice and bluntness.

It is crucial when dealing with rude customers that you have to be kind and polite with a professional manor and just inform them that if they do however require our services in the future, to get in contact and we will be happy to help. 

I find I begin to challenge myself when facing customers that may knock me back, to power through it and become determined to have a successful phone call and to complete another sale, as their are also many customers out there that would...

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Day 8 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I am continuing to focus on The Boiler Servicing Business, ensuring that I get through the remainder of the emails and get more services booked in.

I spent the first part of the morning responding to emails that had been sent yesterday evening that were replies to the emails I had sent out to those who had not answered my calls, meaning I had sent them an email to notify them about their boiler being due for a service.

I had also made a few calls to follow up the emails.

We also had a small Mastermind event in the afternoon that was put on for those who were unable to attend our main Lead Gen academy event last Thursday!, meaning preparation was underway. We have hired out a smaller meeting room within the BClub where the class is going to be held.

Richard has also been working on our Lead Gen Website and its coming together very nicely!, He took the time yesterday to show me it and the software that was used in order to build the website which is called Kajabi.

It is...

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Day 7- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

Today I have focused on The Boiler Company and coming to terms with how it works. I have been going through all the emails that were sent as reminders that it has been a year since the customer has had their boiler serviced. This means that it is due to be done, therefore it was my role today to get in contact with everyone to encourage them to book a service through us.

I spent a couple of hours this morning going through all the sources that are linked in with the boiler service, such as the email system and the different folders that certain emails go in to for example, email reminders come into a certain folder due to the email not being actioned.

You then use the details from the email such as, their address to find out the customers name and number who is the owner of the property.

If the customer does not answer, we will then leave a voicemail as well as send an email to inform them of their boiler is due to have a service. Once we have sent the email, we will then move the...

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Day 5- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

The main focus for today was to be able to retrieve feedback from all those that attended The Lead Gen Academy on Thursday, this is beneficial so we are able to see what people liked about the event and what could be done to improve for the future.

From this I also asked them for a rating from 1 to 10 on how likely it would be for them to recommend The Lead Gen Academy to a friend or an employer. From these results it will help us to gain a Net Promoter Score on which we can focus on each month  in order to make improvements each month to be able to gain a higher score.

I also set up an Instagram page for The Lead Gen so we are able to upload content and images as well as uploading pictures that were captured by one of our members David Hogg onto our Facebook community page.

I then made calls to all members to get feedback from them, I was not able get hold of all members so I kept a note on who I will need to get in contact with on Monday. I then made calls to all guests that...

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