Using Power Team's when Networking

business networking Mar 22, 2019

My testimonial to the BNI Farnborough Jets Business 2 Business Power Team - our referral partners!!


A power team is a group of professionals in BNI who work in non-competing, related fields and have developed relationships so they can refer customers and associates to each other.


Ideal referral partners are broken up into two groups: Contact Spheres and Power Teams.


The difference between the two is minor, yet impactful. Your Contact Sphere is all the possible professions you can team up with (who else delivers services Business to Business that we haven't yet got in our Power Team), while your Power Team is the group that you have actually teamed up with (which can still grow by inviting other professions needed).


An easy way to increase our number of referrals is to create relationships with people who, based on their professions, are most likely to pass quality referrals to each other. Our incentive to inviting visitors should have this in the back of...

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Day 42 & 43 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

I have decided to combine both Blogs for Yesterday and today due to completing similar tasks and carrying on completing the follow ups on both days.

My main focus for the majority of the week is to get all jobs finalised as well as double check on that all engineers are still carrying out the work on the day. Especially those that I have organised to complete some work on behalf of us that we have not worked with previously.

We have decided to release one of our engineers, which means that I need to ensure no documents are missing such as certificates and all jobs are getting done.

The only trouble is many engineers who said they are able to complete the work have suggested it would need to be a different date and time that it was originally booked in for.

I have therefore had to get in contact with many customers to rearrange their date and time and then gone back to the engineer to confirm.

Because we have not been using our usual diary until we fix some issues that we are...

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Day 41 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Yesterday was a brilliant day and there was a lot of useful content.

Usually the day after one of our monthly workshops, I will solely focus on getting feedback from all of the attendees as well as a NPS.

Where as today I will be focusing on getting feedback from the attendees but my main focus will be ‘Boiler Service 24-7’. 

We are currently facing some problems which I will be dealing with today as well as following up the enquiries that I received yesterday and this morning.

I have been chasing up a lot of quotes which one of our engineers has not sent over to the customers yet. It is crucial that I get on top of this and not allow it to drag our customer service down due to organisational issues from one of our engineers.

I spent the first part of the morning arranging bookings and getting in contact with those that have various enquiries. 

Our Ninja Jake created a automation system on Active campaign before our last months workshop. He was able to link up...

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Day 40 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Today is the day of ‘Lead Gen Summit’.

I arrived early to help set up and print off the guest list as I was unable to do this yesterday.

I began putting up all the banners that we had for both The Summit and WP Aid as well as some personal one’s that Richard had created.

To print off the guest list, I asked the reception if I could send over the document to their printer to see whether it would work. But unfortunately it did not work which means that the issue is with my laptop rather than the printer.

The lady received a copy of my document to her laptop to say that it was unable to print, which was useful as it meant she was able to open up the document and print it off for me.

I then continued to set up, there was also a few people that had turned up early so we directed them to the refreshments lounge.

Richard was also flapping as his memory stick had died which held his presentation on for the summit which meant that he was busy trying to solve that problem...

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Day 39- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Today my main focus is getting everything wrapped up and finalised for tomorrow’s Lead Gen Summit as well as working on boiler servicing enquiries, chasing quotes and bookings.

I always spend my first part of the morning answering all enquiries for both companies and communicating with our engineer to get quotes as well as book in recalls.

I have also completed more phone calls to confirm attendees as well as sending out emails to those who I have been unable to contact, so when they are available they will respond throughout the day.

It is also useful as many guests who are unable to attend have been able to email me throughout these past couple of days that I have sent emails out to say if they are unable to attend, especially those that were planning on attending but unfortunately last minute they are unable to attend due to various reasons.

Whilst completing the emails and phone calls, I have had many guests confirm that they will be attending which is great!

I attempted...

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Day 38- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Mar 06, 2019

Today I am focusing on getting in contact with all of our members and guests who have purchased a ticket to attend our Lead Gen Summit on Thursday.

Firstly, I will respond to all of the inquiries that I have received this morning and last night.

I have also finished off my blog from yesterday and uploaded it as well as Friday’s blog.

I need to get in contact with two of our academy members who have made referrals which have both resulted in leads. 

As Richard’s way of saying thank you, he has offered both of them a two hour One-to-One coaching session where lunch will also be provided.

There has also been two Boiler Servicing customers who have been waiting to receive a quote from our engineer so they are able to get their boiler issues resolved.

I have chased our engineer this morning and booked in one of them for a remedial and waiting to hear back from the other.

I also had a call from a third customer at the end of today to say that they are yet to receive a...

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Day 37- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Mar 05, 2019

This week is going to be a busy week as it is the week of ‘The Lead Gen Summit’. 

I have many small tasks to complete, finalise our room hire and confirm everything that we require has been made clear and confirmed.

I have also now received the activation code for the google business page meaning that I am able to finalise the account and begin to add content.

This morning I responded to all enquiries that we had received for all companies.

I have also emailed ‘The Best Print’ this morning who we use to complete all of our printings for our events.

Today we have created new order forms that will be given out at The Summit for those who would like to become a member or have one-to-one coaching that Richard offers as well as Monthly Mastermind sessions that is going to be one of our main focuses on completing after ‘The Summit’.

We have previously held mastermind sessions and we both felt as though it worked really well.

These are sessions for...

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Day 36 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Mar 05, 2019

We have received ‘The Lead Gen Academy’ brochure which is ready to be sent for printing once I have proofread it. 

I will be sending this over to ‘The Best Print’ by the end of today.

This morning I have brainstormed all of the tasks that I need to complete for today and within the start of next week, Richard has also done the same. This gives us the chance to share all tasks that need completing and to inform each other tasks that we have left out.

It is crucial that Jake sends me over the steps on how to access the Calendar for ‘The Engineer 2’, which thankfully he managed to do!!

I am very relieved that I finally have access to this calendar as it holds a lot of data and customer details that we can use to retarget.

There is also more information on this email then the [email protected] which is great.

I will have spent a lot of time today to write all the details into our spreadsheet that I have created for the purpose of old...

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Are you VIP?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019
We're delighted that you'll be attending The Lead Gen Summit.

During the event, we will be sharing some cutting-edge Lead Generation tactics you would be crazy to not implement. 

Remember doing what you do is only half the story, being found for what you do is the other half.

To dive deeper into the strategies shared at the event we have an afternoon VIP ONLY set of sessions, the first being a speakers Q&A with the panel of speakers from the event ready to take your specific questions.

I will then be presenting my main keynote on the Facebook Messenger tactic which is now my No.1 B2B marketing tactic for 2019 – This will be workshop based with step-by-step on-screen demo’s of how to set up your Messenger Ads campaign.

The afternoon also includes a fully catered lunch where you can network with the other VIP’s.

Best still, upgrading to VIP gives you instant membership to the Lead Gen Academy for the rest of the month, which include access to the online training...
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Day 35 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 28, 2019

I am following up some tasks that I started yesterday as well as some invoices that I have sent out this week which have not been paid.

There was also a company that struggled to pay their invoice and it kept bouncing which meant that I had to re-send them the invoice.

I uploaded yesterday’s blog to Kajabi.

I have been in contact with Jake today in regards to the engineering email account, but we are unsure of what the problem may be which means I am unable to complete the spreadsheet with the details within the second calendar.

It is important that the issue is resolved soon as we need to be gaining more business for ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’. It is also important that we start to do some marketing so we gain new customers to grow the business.

I have dealt with my daily enquiries and sent out some boiler emails.

I created a spreadsheet yesterday with all of the positive feedback that we have received from our last two workshops which I finished off this morning.


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