Day 36 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Mar 05, 2019

We have received ‘The Lead Gen Academy’ brochure which is ready to be sent for printing once I have proofread it. 

I will be sending this over to ‘The Best Print’ by the end of today.

This morning I have brainstormed all of the tasks that I need to complete for today and within the start of next week, Richard has also done the same. This gives us the chance to share all tasks that need completing and to inform each other tasks that we have left out.

It is crucial that Jake sends me over the steps on how to access the Calendar for ‘The Engineer 2’, which thankfully he managed to do!!

I am very relieved that I finally have access to this calendar as it holds a lot of data and customer details that we can use to retarget.

There is also more information on this email then the info@boilerservicing24-7 which is great.

I will have spent a lot of time today to write all the details into our spreadsheet that I have created for the purpose of old customers.

Me and Richard have discussed creating a campaign or creating a deal to be able to interest both old and new customers.

There has been a few invoices that I have been chasing throughout this week to ensure they have all been paid in which they have so that is great.

Due to our diary being quiet at the moment, which may be due to the weather as it has been nice recently which would suggest that not many people would use their boilers.

I have sent out another lot of Boiler Service reminders to those that are sat waiting on our list to say whether they would be interested in using our services this year.

Because we have not been given an answer, I will continue to contact them via email as its show’s that we care and it is important to get your boiler serviced when it is due.

Once I have done a final edit it on the email to send out to those attendees that gave us lovely reviews to see whether they would kindly upload it onto the Facebook page that I have created for Lead Gen.

We will also be doing the same procedure in time for all the Boiler Customers who have given great feedback on their service that they have received

I sent out both emails for those that attended either workshops, using the same email but tailored the name of the workshop.

Me and Richard went through the spreadsheet that I had created with all of the feedback that we received that suggested improvements that could be made. This was very beneficial as me and Richard went through it and suggested all the changes that can be implemented to improve.

I need to also include the names of those that made the improvement suggestions.

There is three houses that Richard is interested in viewing tomorrow with his family that I have also organised with various different estate agents today.

There was so much content within the calendar and meant that I spent a lot of time on it but I only managed to complete the data from a few months.

I will be coming back to this next week as it is important to not spend too long on one tasks as you automatically slow down on completing the task.

Richard has showed me a dashboard that I will start using for both ‘Lead Gen Academy’ as well as ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’. This will be daily reviews on how the company is progressing including stats.

I had a go at this at the end of today by filling out how many appointments that we had each week last month to see how much capacity we have to fill by getting in more customers.

Next week is going to be very busy as it is the week of ‘The Summit’ and there is more preparation to be done and people to be confirmed that have purchased a ticket.

Paige x