Day 32 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 25, 2019

Today I have various different tasks to complete.

This morning I have chased Jake who is our Lead Gen Ninja to forward me over the template of our flyers that we will be getting printed out for Tuesday's event.

I have received Anthony’s Video who is one of our Keynote speakers at the summit, that he has produced for us to use to promote The Lead Gen Summit. 

I have forwarded this over to Jake who will be editing it and then sending it back over for my use.

I have completed boiler servicing calls as well as dealing with enquiries from customers.

I have uploaded another tweet as well as a post on our Facebooks pages to promote The Lead Gen Summit to get people to purchase tickets. 

Once we have sold our first 100 tickets, we then charge a fee of £20 to those that are wanting to attend.

This helps us to cover some of the fees for room hire as well as the lunch that will be put on for those VIPS.

I have continued to add some images to my blogs but it is important that I capture good quality images so they looks presentable and high quality, especially as my blogs will be visual for members to read.

Writing blogs has really helped me to visually see the progression that I am making everyday.

I have finalised our guest list for The Business Expo’’ and I am waiting to receive some responses from those who are bringing people along with them.

Once Jake had sent me over the flyers, It meant that I was able to get in contact with Agata who we use to deal with all of our printing. I sent her over the flyer and requested if we could have them printed off ready for Monday.

We are hoping that from handing out these flyers that are promoting our free website offer, we will gain lots of business. Especially from all the businesses that will be attending and have only recently set their business up.

This afternoon Richard has requested for me to focus on ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’, I will be going back through the calendar and making a note of those that had previously used our services prior to us taking over the business.

We also had another email address with an additional calendar that for some reason we are unable to access. I tried accessing it this afternoon in which it allowed me to login in but would not display any further information or the calendar. 

I got in contact with Jake who then looked into this for me and will be resolving the issue ready for me to go through the calendar on Monday.

I created a spreadsheet where I put all the required details of the customer and what service we provided for them. I started from November 2017 and worked my way up to this month. Some clients we already hold details of and are stored on our CRM which I made a note of.

I had to contact all the customers to see whether they would be interested in using our services, whether it would be for their yearly boiler service or general breakdown occurrences.

The problem we have faced since taking over is many customers were promised free boiler services, which meant we had lots of enquiries of people requesting their free boiler service.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide all of the free boiler services but we offered a discounted service which some customers understood and others were understandably unimpressed and did not take us up on the offer and also meant that they have found an alternative company to complete their yearly service and deal with any breakdown issues that they may have.

Due to me making these calls within the later part of Friday afternoon, I had minimal responses or I was dealing with customers who were expressing their frustration which is completely understandable.

On Monday I will be completing the calls again as well as going through the other calendar and email to extract more information from to add to my spreadsheet.

Paige x