Day 30 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 21, 2019

It was crucial this morning that I finished the calls to all the clients within The WP Aid filter on Active Campaign.

I managed to get hold of many clients but they all informed me that we were not ready to progress forwards.

Although I didn't receive any of the results that I was hoping for, it meant that I had moved a step forwards for each client and will be a process that I will be continuously working on.

We are also not receiving many service reminders to be able to completely fill our engineers diary, therefore I am having to work with what we have within the sent folder.

I sent out more service reminder emails to those that I have previously been in contact with but have not clarified whether they would like to use our services or not. It is important that I carry on working these as it is something everyone needs to have done.

Richard always refers to it as being the same as when your car is due an MOT.

There were a couple of invoicing within the boiler servicing folder on Xero that needed doing which was a very small task that I completed.

Today is mainly to follow up tasks that I have already completed but received no feedback from so I needed to keep working on it for example, there are still a few attendees that I have had no feedback from and it is so important to us that we do receive feedback from each attendee so we are able to calculate an accurate Net Promoter Score.

We would also like to review all feedback to see what improvements could be implemented that have been suggested by our members and guests.

For my apprenticeship each month I have small assessments based around maths and English that I need to complete. 

I took some time today to complete various maths assessments that are due for next week. It is very frustrating as maths is not something that I am great at and if you fail any of the assessments then you are required to retake it.

This afternoon Richard created a list on Active Campaign for those who are unable to attend ‘The Lead Gen Summit’. It was my role to add everyone onto it and unsubscribe them from any other list. This would mean that they will not keep receiving emails about The Lead Gen Summit as they have already informed us that they are unable to attend.

I received a promotion video back from one of our keynote speakers at the lead gen summit, which I then sent on to our Ninja Jake to edit it so we are able to then share it on social media.

Once he sent back the edited version, I then shared it on our Facebook page as well as our Lead Gen Academy member closed group. This was to promote what she will be speaking about and why people should attend.

I am yet to receive one from all the other keynote speakers and I will then be doing the same with their videos. They also automatically go onto our YouTube channel. 

My last task today was to complete some invoicing and make some calls for our boiler company from some work that has been done.

I will then need to contact the landlord to inform him.

Paige x