Day 19- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I have returned from my holiday, I will be mainly focusing on The Lead Gen Academy this week due to having our event this week, meaning I will completing the same task up until Thursday which is the day of our workshop.

I had already started to get in contact with members to confirm that they were attending.

We have had a great response so far for this particular workshop, having more attendees then the last time which is great!

I will also be asking members and guests that I contact this week what they are hoping to get out of the workshop.

This will then help us for when I contact everyone on Friday to get feedback on what they thought of the event, what we can improve and whether there aims were achieved. 

We will also be getting a Net Promoter Score from each individual which we will be focusing on making it higher from each event in order to make progress and implement improvements that may be suggested.

We have been having more guests attending purchase a ticket everyday meaning as soon as they purchase a ticket, it will allow me to contact them to confirm.

I was informed that many of the members especially appreciate it when I phone them up to get confirmation as it gives more of a personal touch.

I have managed to get hold of many guests and the remaining amount of members and will continue tomorrow.

I have also made Boiler calls in order to get people booked in the diary but I have not been that successful today due to mainly focusing on The Lead Gen Academy.

Paige x