Day 18- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

Today I have came in and responded to all emails and enquiries on both my lead gen email account and the Boiler account.

I then done some preparation to plan out what tasks I need to complete and prioritised these.

I had a catch up with Richard on the phone as he was not in the office until midday on the tasks that I need to complete

I had to send out a quote to a customer explaining further the problem that they were facing and the materials that are required to fix it the pricing of the labour and materials.

I then checked all the enquiries we had for Boiler Servicing to ensure all the ones I had dealt with had been moved to the assigned folder, which allows Richard to know that I have dealt with it so he will not need to.

I got in contact with Jordan Bucknell who will be one of our min speakers at our upcoming event, to see whether there is any content that he has to put into the workbooks that get created for the attendees use.

It is a good job I got in contact with him as he had switched his diary system over and it got removed from his diary that he was meant to be part of the event! Could you imagine if I had not have contacted him!!

I have also arranged the last one-to-one meetings before we begin the one-to-ones with the guests after the event.

I made calls to all our academy members to ensure they will be attending! Although I did not manage to get in contact with each and everyone it was still useful! And means I will have to try again tomorrow!

Off the back of the phone calls that were successful came further enquiries which I then dealt with!.

Today will be my last working day of the week as I'm off on a weekend break, meaning I will be working extra on Tuesday.!

Paige x