Day 16- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

This morning I have completed the invoices that I was given last week.

I mainly went through them to ensure they are all on the system as a contact, which helps us for next year when they are due a service. 

I have also finished an event that I created on Friday for one of our members who are holding their own event.

I have also completed my daily administrative tasks, such as made calls for the boiler business in order to process more bookings and dealt with emergency appointments.

Last week I wrote a list of all the clients who have had work done but invoices hadn't been created or paid due to being booked in using the ‘Alternative booking’. This means it gets put straight into the diary but the payment does not get processed until the invoice is created and sent over.

Due to Richard not receiving any assistance previously in keeping track of invoices and clients who had not paid for their services.

It is crucial that I do not miss any out and get on top of it. I am going to be creating a spreadsheet for all the clients who have outstanding payments to be made.

It is important that I have caught up, meaning it allows me to keep on top of it each month that we have invoices come through of all the work that has been done within that month.

Our February event is getting closer which means we need to begin confirming guests and promoting the event.

I have been in contact with potential guests to see whether they would be interested in attending.

I have had a productive day today completing all little tasks that needed to be complete for each business.

Paige x