I know I have a short amount of time with you today so lets fast track a few presumptions. 

Presumptions no. #1 – You’re awesome at what you do yet find this whole ‘getting clients consistently’ thing a pain in the ass!

Presumption no. #2 – Your swapping time for money to serve the clients you do have, and probably not getting paid the true value of what your worth.

Presumption no. #3 - By being here you want to change the above two things.

I understand.

I was in the same place not so long ago.

Yet, when I realised the power of focusing on just one thing, I stopped making my life so over complicated and I doubled down on my best audience and my best solution for them.

My life changed and I want to show you how you can do the same.

Your sprint to a million

We specialise in assisting service businesses in achieving profitable growth, starting from little or no revenue and scaling up to a million and beyond.

One of the most common mistakes we've observed is an excess of variety in marketing strategies and offering too many services. This tends to hinder businesses from becoming truly exceptional at any one thing. The challenge intensifies when they attempt to be 'everywhere'—maintaining a presence on every social media channel, sending newsletters, attending networking events, running ads, forming partnerships, organising live events, writing books, and more.

The solution is the power of one

Focus on one traffic source, such as LinkedIn - excel in that space.

Establish one platform where people can witness your expertise regularly, like a weekly webinar — maintain consistency.

Implement one sales process that all potential clients must undergo, such as booking a 'strategy session' with you — become great at delivering the same pitch consistently.

Offer one high-value, scalable product, like an online group coaching program — ensure it delivers tangible results.

Align all these elements, and you'll find a rhythm in your life and business that exceeds expectations.

Here's the kicker:

On average, our clients only need one or two sales a week to exceed their goals.

When they adopt this system, the results are astonishing—they quadruple their income while working only a fraction of the time they used to.

Just like these clients did…

So, how will we help you?

Quite simply, by providing you with everything you need to seamlessly integrate success into your business:

🚀 The right flagship product for your to focus on.

🚀 The perfect promotional copy and creative.

🚀 The exact lead generation campaign.

🚀 The precise email copy templates.

🚀 The systematic opportunity follow-up system.

🚀 The high converting sale scripts.

But that's not all. We're here to support you every step of the way:

✅ 1:1 kick-start meeting with our founder, Richard Woods: This meeting is dedicated to setting your 'master plan' in place, reviewing your targets, and getting you quickly up to speed.

✅ Daily drop-in coaching sessions (Monday to Thursday): Direct access to our Million Dollar Mentors, offering cutting-edge training to inspire you and keep you pushing forward. The first 20 minutes include a presentation on what’s currently working, followed by a mastermind session to address any questions or challenges you may have.

✅ Quarterly Events: These sessions are meticulously designed to enhance your business strategy by reviewing your 90-day plan, providing inspiration, offering assistance with ongoing campaigns, and setting tasks and challenges for the next 90-day sprint. Three of these events take the form of full-day workshops in London, providing an immersive experience in a vibrant setting.

✅ 3 Day Annual Retreat: The fourth quarterly event is a unique 3-day retreat, seamlessly blending insightful sessions with enjoyable activities aimed at rejuvenating both body and mind. From workshops to wellness, it's a holistic approach to your professional and personal growth. All events are fully catered, ensuring you stay energised throughout, and conclude each day with networking drinks, fostering connections and collaboration in a relaxed setting.

✅ On-demand Training: Delivered through 5-day/step challenges, our courses are designed to be completed within your million-dollar hour. Watch the 10 to 15-minute training for the day and use the rest of your 'power hour' to implement the actions from the video, building momentum in your marketing and oxygen in your business.

✅ Swipe-Files, Cheat Sheets, Templates, Worksheets: We've curated a comprehensive set of campaign templates covering everything from ads to emails, landing pages to sales call scripts. Simply swipe, edit, and integrate them directly into your campaigns.

✅ Highly immersive online community: Away from Facebook and its distractions, our Skool platform provides a one-login solution for chatting, commenting, meeting, and celebrating with other sprinters. It includes all our online courses, a calendar of training dates, and a sprinter engagement leaderboard with prizes for the best community members.

✅ Event Recordings: All in-person events and daily coaching sessions are recorded and uploaded, so you won't miss out.

Watch Richard demo the Million Dollar Sprint in less than 5 mins...

Now you know how we help, are you ready to secure your place among the Million Dollar Sprinters?

To recap, this is what you will become a part of...

🔥 The 1:1 master plan session with Richard Woods
🔥 The daily coaching sessions (Mon - Thurs)
🔥 The quarterly in-person events
🔥 The 3 day retreat
🔥 The vast template and swipe-file library for simple drag and drop campaigns
🔥 The step-by-step training courses
🔥 The weekly accountability
🔥 The buoyant community – The Athletes Village
🔥 The tried and tested tactics 

For all of the above, we are going to offer you a special price:

The fee for the first 28 days is just £47.

After the 28th day you can choose either:

 £597 +vat per month for 12 months.
A one-off payment of £4,997 +vat

The payment of the £47 does commit you to choosing one of the two follow-on options.  

This is a limited time offer so be quick.

*VAT removed for non UK or non-vat eligible clients


Richard Woods: An award-winning entrepreneur, TV's The Apprentice personality, keynote speaker, radio presenter, investor & triple bestselling author.

Everything you need to sprint to a million in revenue

You are doing something extraordinary with your life, to grow quickly in a remarkable way. Just like Olympians, you will be pushing yourself to be better, faster, stronger - in your business.