1 Pager Design Brief

A one-pager is a single-page document that presents key information and insights to aid in swift decision-making. When executives, stakeholders, or team members need to quickly assess the value and feasibility of an idea or proposal, a one-pager provides essential details without overwhelming them.

When designing a one-pager to sell your service, consultancy, or coaching programme, the focus should be on clearly presenting the value of your service, addressing potential clients' needs, and motivating them to take action.

Watch the video for a detailed breakdown of what to include:

Once you have watched it, download the Word document template and complete your one-pager brief.

After completing it, upload it to our design team using the form below.

Please ensure the copy you upload is final, as further wholesale changes will be considered a new project and chargeable – the first one is included in your MDS membership.

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